Growing Your Patient Base – The Role of Local Online Listings

Local Online Listings

Growing Your Patient Base – The Role of Local Online Listings

The path from Healthcare shopper to new Patient is not typically a straight line.  Consumers obtain information from a variety of sources and over one-half use a mobile device as part of the information gathering process.

The closer the consumer gets to making contact with a provider, the more important it becomes for medical practices and physicians to ensure the information the consumer sees online is accurate and complete. Research tells us that 6 out of the top 10 reasons for not choosing a specific healthcare provider are connected to the accuracy, consistency and completeness of basic contact information appearing on  websites, search engines, social and mapping sites.

Medical practitioners who ignore the importance of local online visibility can miss out on opportunities to convert consumers to patients. The more quality platforms (Google/Bing/Apple Maps) a practice is listed on, the higher the probability patients will see your information and connect to make an appointment.

There are a number of tasks required to implement an effective Local Online Listings strategy. These tasks fall into five (5) broad initiatives including:

  • Step 1 – Own your facility and physician listings and present the information in a way that promotes your brand strategy across a wide digital footprint. Can patients find your location at the address shown online and can they call from the number they see to make an appointment. Is the branding they see online consistent with the brand you promote in the marketplace?
  • Step 2 – Drive patient engagement by enhancing the listing with additional information (Hours/Photos/Website Link/Categories/Specialty areas). It improves your ranking and also helps make a good first impression with potential patients.
  • Step 3 – Patient feedback in the form of online ratings and reviews are critical to today’s consumers. Monitor what is being said about your practice and use that feedback to help grow your organization.
  • Step 4 – Measure and track the number of patients that are using local listings information to connect with your practice.
  • Step 5 – Once you accomplish 1 thru 4 – DON’T STOP. The Local Listings environment is constantly changing so once you establish an online presence, monitor and maintain it to stay ahead of the competition.

Interested in seeing how your facility or member physicians listing is appearing online? The link below will connect you to a FREE audit tool that will provide a quick and easy look.

Free Online Listing Audit

Or if you prefer a more in-depth analysis, just complete the contact form.

Managing your local facility and physicians listings will help you acquire more patients and grow your practices. Providing potential patients with accurate and helpful online listing information is often the final step in the consumers’ journey from searching for information to becoming a patient.