It’s simply the most targeted and effective advertising method ever created.

If you’re not using social media and mobile marketing, you’re not just missing out- it’s amazing you’re still in business.

People are on mobile devices devouring social media literally 24/7. Your business needs to be where your customers are – communicating with them the way they want to communicate. Any way you look at it, no other advertising platform offers the advantages of social media and mobile marketing.

You know if an ad is working – almost in real-time.

You can target specific audiences, areas, even IP addresses.

If an ad isn’t performing, you can “shut it off” so you don’t waste media dollars.

The costs are a fraction of traditional – non-digital – media.

Social adspends are projected to double in 5 years and become the single most dominant adspend platform in the future. Social & Mobile go hand-in-hand – across all industries in both B2B and B2C we’re seeing similar numbers.


% of Adspend in Social Media in 2017


% of Adspend in Social Media in 2022