Yellow Pages Are They Still Relevant?

Yellow Pages – Are They Still Relevant?

For decades, Yellow Pages Advertising played an important role for National and Local brands. While never a “darling” of the media world, Yellow Pages filled a need, providing buyers important seller contact information. Unlike other forms of advertising that are intended to build awareness, brand and drive demand, Yellow Pages strength has been to connect with consumers far along on the “Path to Purchase”, when the consumer was ready to buy.

For Advertising, Marketing and Media Professionals over the age of 40, Yellow Pages likely played some role in the media mix for a wide variety of products and services they managed.

Well, the “worm has turned” in recent years. There is no debate whether technology and the proliferation of online information and content impacted the Yellow Pages industry…that is undisputable. With all the information resources available to today’s consumers, online sources drive the vast majority of local search activity. While slow to respond to changing consumer shopping and buying patterns, the Yellow Pages industry has made attempts  to remain relevant by reducing the number of books published, by targeting the distribution to those consumers who are more likely to reference Yellow Pages, and by introducing a variety of pricing and bundled services designed to expand coverage and reach.

Whether those attempts are short term “life support mechanisms” or will result in a much smaller but still relevant industry, remains to be seen.

For today, however, the answer to the question of whether Yellow Pages Advertising is still relevant to advertisers and marketers is… “It Depends.”  So what determines if Yellow Pages should still play a role in an advertisers’ media mix?

The answer lies in knowing the following:

  • Who uses the Yellow Pages?
  • Where do they live and work?
  • What products and services do they use them for?
  • Can the advertising deliver an acceptable quantity and quality of leads that deliver an acceptable Return on your Investment?

Earlier this year, research was published that attempts to answer some of these questions for several industry verticals while comparing Print and Internet Yellow Pages to other local search platforms. If you would like to learn more about this research and whether your industry was part of the analysis, follow the link below, complete our contact form and we will gladly send it to you.

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